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How to pick the right pokie machine

How to pick the right pokie machine

By on Aug 28, 2016 in Online Gambling, Pokie Machines |

Personal taste is always the key when it comes to choosing the right pokie machine. Obviously, just like with any other thing, subjective opinion carries the most weight in the final decision. However, we can offer some insight on the matter and suggest some of our thought about picking the best pokie for you. There are hundreds, even thousands of different online pokie games around and they all have a specific characteristic which can be used to differentiate one pokie from another, so thing might be a little bit tricky and confusing if you are a beginner and need to find the right machine. Here we will explain a few basic tips on how to find the most suitable pokie for yourself.
d970296eabb3ec531f5b2feba4a68386v2_max_460x345_b3535db83dc50e27c1bb1392364c95a2Maybe the most important thing to consider is the payout percentage of the pokie machine.The payout percentage, to put it in simple terms is the percentage of the money you get back from the machine as winnings. This excludes the lucky jackpots and other big wins, of course. Each machine is set to a specific payout percentage which is always less than 100%. If it were higher than 100%, the company who owns the machine would lose money, and that does not make sense, does it? Most commonly, the payout percentage on online pokies varies from around 80% to 95%, so it is wise to check which machines have the highest payout percentage and start your gambling career on the machines which offer the best payout percentages.
poker-machinesIt is not just about the percentage; it is also about the biggest possible payout. Do a little bit of research and you will soon find the machines which offer the best, meaning the biggest winning amount of money. Sizes of jackpots differ, and they go from only modest all the way to life-changing jackpots measured in millions and these are usually linked to progressive pokies. These are rare, and they happen even more rarely, but they do happen. Who knows, maybe you might be lucky tonight?
39m-1g8-cFurthermore, pokies are not only about the main or the primary reward, the jackpot. Pokies usually include lesser, secondary prizes and these are not to be ignored because they can be substantial. Pay attention what the pokie machine has to offer when it comes to secondary prizes which can be found in the pokie’s paytable.
Next, you have to be aware of your budget and the amount of money you want to spend on pokies. The best strategy is to try to prolong the playing time as much as possible so you can spin the reel as many times as you can. To do this, you have to see the coin sizes on the machines and choose the one which is most suitable for you in terms of your budget. Even if the machine works on a small denomination, and your potential winnings are smaller, you have to adapt according to your budget. Over time, if luck serves you and your budget get bigger, you can transfer to larger coin size machines.

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