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Progressive online jackpot

Progressive online jackpot

By on Aug 28, 2016 in Online Gambling, Online Jackpot |

When talking about progressive online jackpot pokies, we are talking about a system where the game winning pool keeps getting bigger and bigger with every game. The progressive pool increment can be focused on your machine only or a network of devices. In the letter case, the winning is increased every time any of the machines loses, which means that the pool is getting bigger a lot faster.
The same system works for the online game, only instead of machines, we have accounts. There are also some cases where the casinos themselves are networked, and they all cooperate on the final prize pool. unnamedThe house, of course, takes a small part of the award as a way to cover the loss, but the prize pool can get a lot bigger than it usually does, going into millions of dollars and making it incredibly worth playing.
Jackpot meters are a part of this game as much as the apples are a part of the traditional American apple pie. It is impossible to imagine progressive jackpot without the meter, and the same goes for the progressive online jackpot version. preview_COLOURBOX6541316The software is hardwired to counting the jackpot size, and it is always evident, bright and flashing to get the attention. The home page of the casino will usually promote this and put the meter on the front page since nothing attracts people more than the big numbers waiting for the lucky players.
There is a cache included in the progressive pokies, though, and it is important to mention this all the time. The jackpot is only achieved if you invest the biggest possible bet in that round, called the max bet or the max coin. This means that if you win the round and the jackpot but not put in the max bet, you won’t win the entire sum of the jackpot. This is a dual bladed sword since you can win so much, but also burn through a lot of chips very quickly.

This is the reason why we recommend the progressive jackpot to the more experienced players. Before starting any game, make sure all the rules are clear and there is nothing confusing since from the moment you start playing it won’t matter if you don’t know the rules. The show must go on.

505441117You can find more versions of the progressive pokies out there, not only the three reeled ones, namely video poker and other 5 or more reels variations to the traditional game. This is an amazing feature, since playing video poker in a progressive mode makes your winning chances a lot higher and the skill comes in handy. It is very unlikely to win the classic progressive jackpot playing pokies, but if you do, you are an instant millionaire. With video poker, these chances are a lot higher and present a sound investment, even though we do not recommend you thinking of pokies as a viable way of earning money.

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